Follow Your Dreams Tattoo


Follow Your Dreams Tattoo


Follow your dreams temporary tattoo with matching dream catcher set. It's one lesson in life I've learned- whatever stage of life you are in, you will only be satisfied and have that sweet taste of victory when you do what you love. Keep following your heart and what you feel is right NO MATTER WHAT. 



1. Clean and dry the skin.

2. Remove the transparent film.

3. Place tattoo firmly onto skin, image side down.

4. Wet the back of the tattoo with a damp cloth for 30 seconds, applying pressure evenly.

5. When the tattoo has transferred, slide the paper away and leave to dry.

Removing the tattoo:

Tattoos will fade in a few days.

To remove sooner

1. Apply lotion or baby oil.

2. Leave for 10 seconds

3. Gently rub with your fingers or a washcloth.

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